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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  April 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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can expect next. eight months after that went bankrupt lee behind a massive the fremont plant for discovered hazardous waste abandoned in yet another bay area city. bay area rents are skyrocketing again but just being on time isn't good enough anymore. it does leave out a group people. how many landlords now want tenants to pay the rent. construction crews are working to the night's ninth this e teardown of the drive-in their aunt schedule but this cell last due to meet the monday morning deadline. she's assigned
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to the progress report. 27 hours valid this demolition marathon contractors seem to be there marks but the real test lies ahead and still to be done. a dozen more have machines are clearing their remaining columns of this critical area. it where things go agreed to plan monday morning commuters pass through the road. to fit that there's less of an inattentive to the warning in midafternoon traffic was slice under half that a typical saturday afternoon. this showed traffic flow well in both directions and dave inconvenience motorists. avoided a spanish partners in the gear in the and it would be an illegal left turn. but the other thing we see is that the use of the exciting was happening says
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this big celebration about demolition. here at a party not a sports base and the presidio demolition fans gathered to watch some of the 40 machine is tearing down the concrete of what's been called the most dangerous road with the country. it's about time to get to see our government tax dollars at work on something constructive and destructive of the same time. did we moves town three days before the earthquake. and so i've been watching the reconstruction and the whole time in the city. the demolition began at 5 friday night and is moving fast 30,000 ft., is coming down. the most important thing is the demolition and the critical areas and to to tie the road with together said the weekend at a monday morning. this is just phase one there's a longer stretch yet to come down and true when more tunnels the bills. the late 2015. but already with the work this
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weekend is going to be a big adjustment for doyle drive racers. an unintended temporary detour the loss in an intersection and at the palace of fine arts. sell out of the inuit and it takes people a little while to get used to it. officials are hoping for a light traffic day on sunday when some of those critical were cast be done there would to me that monday morning commute that's 5:00 a.m. monday this was the driving through here civil see if they make it. and we will be here all weekends and figure on the closure is a cbs five cbs asset dot, the latest on the progress of the demolition man for traffic update and don't forget to tune in to radio partner kcbs for updates when you're in your car 7:40 a.m. and was 6.9 fm 3 crewmembers involved in the galleries of the coast of california are dead in
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tonight's the coast guard is looking for a fourth person from the boats. yet about saw debris and the islands this morning and call the coast guard at 37 ft. sailboat was taken part in a 125 mi. race from newport to encinada mexico. the coast guard is investigating the ban have been chilly office. to a body found on the island is being identified as one of the four sailors missing from a deadly our race is a of a disco, the report's 25 year-old jordan's body was spotted thursday in a wave washed their the seller is a board two weeks ago. as they investigate cities tend tom said of the year of bonds on margin is struck the victim of his great cheap on bad news drive before fleeing the scene the incident happened just before 1:00 a.m. on april 15th
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he remains in custody on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. and two brothers are wanted in connection with a fatal stabbing on cleveland avenue in san jose friday. they say jonathan and ryan best fled the scene of the attack before officers arrived. the attack prompted a nine hour standoff officers called in a swat team after learning there might be firearms in the house children at three nearby schools were kept inside the classrooms for part of the morning as a precaution. two teens kill the tragic accident the high-school and lack of a shows as the memorial their friends say the victims could have designed themselves. it's a groundbreaking of sorts when a year after to lost the lead to see everyone going out and getting all dirty.
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all in the desert of an extra lead line center it's an honor 16 year-old matthew miller and 70 year-old gavin hall. they got well iraq the rafting in the east bay creek swollen by relentless rain in february 2011 a route through for the students that hasn't healed. she's not does heart wrenching in random inopportune moments but it's it's still is very hard for me because cabin was basically my brother. the design for this garden is actually conceptualize by matt miller himself this was his freshman year geometry project for years ago. it seems like a hodgepodge right now everyone has been doing what they can and volunteer their time and it's really beautiful experience. included thousands of dollars in free materials and labor from several east businesses. i think everybody here would agree
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that's immediate how to work today. to equate their means a lot about and haven't everyone is discussing other because that's what pat gavin did they brought you together. in on the creek and lack of it cbs five. a storm overturned the beer tent where there were celebrating a local baseball victory the sports fans cannot yet this storm over loud music planes had a sense the owner of the bar says firefighters told him the man died after letting crusted the bar. did we to a dump in their early will be aware of the seriousness of the situation. there were 200 people in attendance at a time when state asset only a few seconds. the
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solar panel maker declared bankruptcy include tax there's some hope for a billion dollars issue of thousands of bay area workers with the job. earlier the expos have millions of dollars worth of assets were being destroyed at the plant in fremont. the once touted a similar green technology and other bay area city. as the cut with a story alcee only on cbs five. it's a tedious process growing away millions of taxpayer $1 truckload at a time. slowly but surely is shattered remains of the new solar panel to set to recycling plants in the word. that company's liquidation is under way it involves getting rid of all the heavy metals left inside the building. there used to the panels. copper calumet and
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selenium. the fremont fire department's or overseeing the cleanup he says some of like cadmium are toxic and hard to dispose of. the degraded all the demobilize who want to make sure that's we're going to allow the materials to get out into the environment. but there hazardous materials and machinery is to apply them to the glass tubes. the be decontaminated. the disposal process is going smoothly. what about down the road for fremont here in milpitas. slender release that building still manufacture some other solar panels as far as we can tell no one is supervise the cleanup here. the hazardous- waste storage area discarded but the attack felled liquids and barrels labeled hazardous waste according to court documents the owner at company called i star claims " there may be serious
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environmental health and safety issues at the premises including numerous containers of solvents and chemicals. essentially looks like they left a pretty big mess behind here. west san jose state assistant professor decimal laney to take a look our video he's done research on solar waste and says it is hard to tell how much of it is at the milpitas site the buddies says one thing is for sure. what cause more expensive it's very sad looking at this facility. elizabeth come see us 5. the one time of year when the comedian and chief makes an appearance. did we had more lot more material prepared at to get to see the service home in time for the new curfew. did waves that it was off the table tonight at the white house correspondents' dinner jokes for the presence about him self is the service
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detail and his presumed challenger. it is all above board days. the romans + four. the one bright side to a troubling situation and one adopted man who is also missing person found that when he began digging into his own path. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for most
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renters the first of the month means writing a check but more and more memoirs are now asking and even requiring lenders to make that underpayments online. to the watts explains how works and how some tenants are fighting back. by many tenants under the leigh anne knows she has a little wiggle room when she writes a monthly rent check. i consented before i get my
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paycheck and another not when i cast until after get that better days of pain that we could be numbered. a growing number of landlords now one tenants to pay online. the lead time payments and picked up in the last year. just as trade is the founder of rent that it is start up that sets up the direct online rental payments between tenants and landlords. he estimates 20 percent of landlords now request or require paperless payments. it is a little bit more cut and dry because the money is coming out of your account of a first. needs a huge benefit san francisco lot of them were deemed to open to the system. did we miss my relationship with my tennis life is an alumnus knows is less of a business relationship now. the the issue recently sparked protests in l.a. were one of the city's biggest landlords is now requiring all my rent payments and property with a number of senior citizens many of whom don't own computers and you say is just a ploy to a victim from rent-controlled apartments. is problematic in
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that sense that it does leave out a whole group of people who aren't computer savvy. advocates worry about the trends are doing even when online payments are optional landlords could favor those tenants who are willing to pay that way. and even some landlords admit to is it this may not be unfounded. averages in between to tenants with a clear qualified one would make life easier but been electronically and probably be a it might help to limit decision. last month state senator and used to measure that would ban landlords from acquiring online payments as the only method of payment the first hearing is set for early may. on the consumer what surely watch cbs five. the reward for the safe return of zero lamar has more than doubled is up to $25,000. volunteer search for the morgan hill team that was last seen march 16th. the previous reward is $10,000 it comes from fund-
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raisers in committee donations recent searches by a sheriff's office and volunteers had not produced new evidence. so we've all seen as age progression but is used to help find missing children of grown-up one-man search and as those realized he could of been the key in the mirror he been missing for more than 30 years he told susan how isolde's on missing persons case. steve carter says he is live to happy life adopted when it was for he had little reason to search for his biological parents. medicare also came from. when that means questions that is passed in the six months old he is put in an orphanage in ye buddy wanted to know why. discover missing child and started his own internet search. and why now missing for 34 years. a composite picture of
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mark. marks panama moriarty bars have been reported missing by his father and ye after his mom left with her baby and there came back. the report included a sketch their lives like me. it really does. a dna test and got a phone call. he said you are a part of barns. he learned his biological father lives in california. he we haven't yet met and spoke by phone. he's a myth the mother had taken the and taken to raise me some routes and the lotus first questions was where's your mother? and i said that's a fantastic question periods is a bit dumbfounded by the response he loves to be given% this year. duckweeds carter still has not
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found his biological mom and still doesn't know how he wound up in an orphanage but of many confusing aspects of his life. and they've three bursts of as into birthdays i do celebrate both birthdays and it's been a real nice plus for me. did we just because it's been a week or month or year or 10 years or even 3044 years is more missing children out there in who can be identified and can be brought home. carter's son who he is based in the this sketched none was more about what is more readily was. he still wants to know what happens in the three week period between is reported disappearance and his arrival at half the at a or visit orphanages father that is in santa cruz known as his mother is.
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is by said the turnout at the white house correspondents' dinner tonight has to regional of fun at some of the big names. cellas lumber wears tape? did women and outside the hell do you do was a favorite of mine driving winds blow had home? k street don't read it to this is this the greatest. did least the president also showed a flair for comedy congressman ron even a secret service. , it certainly had differences. i tried to be civil. to not taking a cheap shot. and that is why it alan especially thank all the members of the break from their exhausting schedule would not pass the laws to be here tonight. let's give the big round of applause. did wait and with great to be had this evening and the magnet is until
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the ballroom or what moronic calls a little fixer-uppers'. what's the difference between the hockey, the people? it pickle is delicious. i had a lot more material prepared at to get the secret service home in time for their new curfew. i either a celebrity guests including steven spielberg george clooney and kemper-in. was your favorite and the plane went or i'll? some passengers prefer it when the seas toward the front of the plane. for the more than 1000 passengers questioned the most desirable ctc to 68. 660 percent said it will be 1% like the middle seats. like the low clouds and patchy fog movie it over the bay area's nine its way gorgeous day across
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the bay area. so does the rest of your weekend hold?,,,,,,,,,,, . the end of of
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really a chance to get out and enjoy some of the court is whether we paddle across the bay today let's take a live look from now at conditions across the golden gate bridge and the amateur is across the door right now couple those '60s in places like cochrane oakland of 50 degrees 58 out and sandras does so what can you expect for later on science clear on low clouds and patchy fog especially along the coast and day. in manila said would do expect mostly clear skies so tomorrow or this year return of the sun shine some light to the bare and actually see temperatures slightly warmer than always out today especially in light in as positive as the low 80s and we're expecting slightly cooler conditions along the coast in saying across some parts of the day but still plenty of sunshine sell satellite and raider show in another story really high- pressure and as we keep bus-
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driving over the next several days on average up inside. the bid would forecast overnight me that biddies 50 in fremont 52 overnight in oakland's and once again become unsealed a low clouds and fog developing and when forecast for tomorrow with a lot of eighties with oranges and yellows are some more mild conditions in the '70s and very low late '80s will be cooler along the coast in san francisco only reaching into the upper 66 to nine is your forecast for high tomorrow so here's your forecast of the next several days once again will see plenty of sunshine and some spots could be slightly warmer and we saw today a little cooler though once again after along the coast and the reason the beginning of a cooling trend for the start of the workweek sell when did temperatures by three to five degrees each day monday through wednesday and then yes there will be range is a slight chance of some light rain will not be much on thursday it will warm up and tryouts ends not too
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bad. one of the favorites to win at all because of a major at all because of a major setback and a room with at&t t,,
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at all because of a major setback and a room with at&t t,, at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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early season struggles may be officially behind him he wasn't the most impressive pitcher at&t part tonight but he was dead. san diego's andy bus was perfect in the sixth but plan to come with a grounder to short to break up a perfect game that was the giants' first base runner down one no to the seventh with two outs nature holds crowns to the right side orlando house and gets into a turns perot's that pulls the first baseman of the bag. the dodgers don't like to call and they couldn't keep his right foot on the bad. and then extend the in the next man now that is going to be brendan delta issued a double to the gap less under milky cabrera to scores the tying run in sure will to is going to run enki can't. he goes all the way flying around for first giants rallied to the padres to one endicott, was an oil city street ends at 20. former giants manager and hall of famer of the orioles in
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reds was honored in baltimore and then build a statue of 70 yds and he also threw out the first pitch he had like robinson denied 11 hits and four plus innings of a starter tyson ross. the leanest you run single as part of a vibrant seconds ross gives up nine runs and the a's lose the account of 10 to one the brunt james meyer he fell short last year when the loss to dallas in the finals today started a new run at the finals with an easy 167 win over the next and human the nba playoffs are here and there grows in the bulls and the top-seeded least that is end to this woman help its chances to go out and win a championship in the fourth quarter rose ricin simply fills in pain after a jump stop it or the aclu is left me a reading of the office the playoffs small consolation bulls the sixers in game 1. this in the defending champs up 1/4 in oklahoma city.
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the fund ended the match in game 199 to 98. did we still canal but the quakes are shaking things up and the west san s.a. has 145 to take the lead and frank got his 100 when last time at sam shane for 101 at unfairly picking up the stoppard's time tie 1 martin chavez of the brilliance of the box and let her head is in the way he knocks out when the header for the call his second win against this time on account of 21 moscow on the lights karl edwards on outside jobs to restart accelerations surely led 81 laps to go and he's penalized and that contention 12 laps to go, but it's at the present time to get from attorneys george bush goes on to win the fourth straight year in richmond. and finally at golden gate fields has the
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